Questions, Questions, Questions

I am often asked questions regarding pricing, albums, photo delivery, and other wedding coverage details. I've compiled some of the questions I have received most from my clients. I hope you find these answers helpful! Please, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions I may not have answered here. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Q: What is your pricing?

Usually that would be the first question you ask a photographer right, well that is no problem at all! My rates are not listed publicly for a few reasons. First, pricing varies by location. Weddings in New York or Pennsylvania are an additional fee which is not quoted in the original packages. Second, everybody is different. Though I do have 3 packages I offer, The best way to view my wedding packages and pricing is by clicking on that Contact button and emailing me some details about your plans!  If I am available on your date, I would be more than happy to email you the information as well as chat about putting together a custom package that suits exactly what your wedding requires.

Q: Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes absolutely! One piece of advice I always give my wedding couples is to do an engagement session.  There are a few reasons: it’s a great way to get to know your photographer before your big day, a way to get used to being in front of the camera and most importantly, can be a fun experience and lessen a lot of the anxiety for the wedding day.  It also can provide the couple with some great images for their wedding Save the Date cards and images to use at your reception. 


Q: We want to book you, what is the next step?

Awesome! I'd love to meet you and hear more about your wedding. The next step would be heading over to our Contact page to send me a message! I always respond as quick as I possibly can. If you decide to work with me and my team, we require a signed contract and a 30% deposit to reserve your date. First come first serve. It is best to book your wedding day 12-18 months in advance, especially for the popular months of June, July, August, September and October.  

Q: How soon after the wedding will our photos be ready?

Within 4 weeks of your wedding. I’ll also post a preview to my Instagram or Facebook page with some of my favorite finished images the following week, usually 3-5.  A few weeks after that, you will have a private online proofing gallery, with the option of it being password protected, completely private, or public for family and friends to see. 


Q: When do we receive our Wedding Album?

The album design process begins with choosing the photos. Going through thousands of photos could be really difficult. I like to give my clients two options. One, my team will choose the best images to tell a story for your perfect day. Two you choose your favorites for your album. Once they are chosen and submitted to us, the design process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Prints are also ordered when albums are completed. Once designed and approved, we will send you an album proof via email of what the design looks like. All albums are custom designed by our awesome Graphic Designer (and second photographer) Chris Farrell. To view more of Chris's work take a visit to his website at 

Q: We are super shy and not great at taking pictures. Will that be a problem?

Absolutely not! I understand that you might not have experience being photographed and I'm here to help. Through my easy shooting style, I make sure that it is as natural as possible. Some people take a little longer to warm up, and in those cases I make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed while we are shooting. I promise, I make it painless and fun, and it won't be nearly as bad as you think!


Q: Do you do video too?

Yes we do! One of our packages includes videography as well. If you are interested in the package that includes both videography and photography, shoot me an email and I will gladly send over the package details.

Q: How many photographers will there be on our wedding day?

 You will have 2 photographers on your wedding day, although sometimes we require a 3rd photographer, it is no additional charge. Some weddings are bigger than others. One photographer will be with the bride while she is getting ready and the other will be with the groom while he is getting ready. They will both be with you until the end of the evening. 


Q: Do we get all of the photos you take on the wedding day?

No, and you’ll be glad you didn’t!  We can take as many as 3,000 – 5,000 images on a wedding day. We weed out the ones that are maybe not so pleasing to the subject, or ones that aren’t up to our standards.  We take great care during this time and choose only the best from the day.  Trust me, you don’t want the one of Uncle Henry sneezing right as we took the picture! Simply put, we believe in quality over quantity. 

Q: This FAQ goes on forever. Does it ever end?

Eventually...Just kidding that's it :) But if you’re still reading you must be really interested in this kind of stuff and that’s why we’ve provided so much information. Just to make people like you 100% comfortable. If you have any other questions regarding wedding details. I can be contacted via email or reached by phone by the following information written below. I look forward to hearing from you!